Safety Protocols

Victory Athletics Spirit takes athlete protection and event safety seriously.

We have several protocols in place to address these risks.


Required for all Victory staff and personnel, we also require any adult (age 18+) entering the warmup area or any team location to have a valid, current background check. This includes gym owners, coaches, team moms/dads/helpers, and any gym support staff, as well as any vendors that will be present during the event (set-up helpers are not required to have a background check unless they will be present during the competition).

We accept several forms of background checks, and you are welcome to utilize the company or organization of your choice as long as they provide verification that you are cleared to work with and be in the presence of minors. 

Acceptable forms of background screening include:

  • TSA Precheck
  • Global Entry
  • USASF greenlight checks
  • Any state certified teachers’ background check like Department of Children and Families (DCF)

If you do not currently have a background check, there are several resources available below that offer both background screening and athlete protection courses. We encourage you to take the time to review the information provided:


Amateur Athletic Union of the United States

USA Cheer


A digital copy of your current background check must be uploaded to RegChamp for all adults entering restricted areas of our events. In addition, it is highly recommended that you bring a physical and digital copy of your background check with you to events. 

During registration, all adult personnel will be required to check in to receive a wristband/badge indicating they are cleared to be in restricted areas. This is non-negotiable. 



In the unlikely event of an injury or serious medical situation, Victory Athletics Events has designated athletic trainers and in some cases paramedics at each event. As part of our internal Emergency Action Plan, all staff members are aware of the closest hospitals and medical facilities. 

If a minor experiences a medical emergency while in a restricted area without their parent/guardian present (eg. warmups, backstage, on the competition floor), Victory Athletics staff will work with the medical personnel and team coach to ensure the minor receives appropriate, immediate care while also prioritizing finding and notifying their parent/guardian or emergency contact. Victory Athletics staff will also escort the remainder of the team to a safe location to meet their families.


Victory Athletics Spirit has worked with local police and fire departments to develop an action plan in the event of an unexpected emergency. All staff are briefed on the plan prior to each event, as well as going through the necessary checks on the morning of competition.

Security officers, local police, and plainclothes officers may be in attendance at events. 

In the event of an emergency, please allow staff to direct you to our predetermined meeting locations to meet your athletes and families. These locations will be shared with gyms prior to each event. Unexpected emergency situations can be stressful and chaotic, and our primary concern is ensuring the safety of all attendees as quickly as possible. 

If needed, information will be posted to our social media, emailed to all gym owners and coaches, and disseminated as quickly as possible to ensure families are informed and able to find each other in a timely manner. 


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