Coaches' Competition Info


All information MUST be in PRIOR to Event

1. Correct roster, division, level and scoresheet (double check invoice)

2. Confirm all invoices are paid in full (check avoidable fees)

3. Music licenses uploaded

4. Team/athlete waivers signed (click here for printable team waiver)  Athlete waiver can be found on and must have a parent’s email address attached to the athlete registration to send out to waivers to parents.

5. Background check/green light/USA Cheer Paper copies will not be accepted at the event. All Coaches must show government issued ID at Coaches' check-in.



$125 Late Fee - applied 10th day prior to the event if not fully paid

$125 additional Late Fee - if paid on Friday/Saturday, the day before or day of event

$25 Additional Coaches - only 2 coaches are FREE per team

$100 Change Fee - Division, Level or Score Sheet changes if requested AFTER the 1st preliminary schedule is released 8 days prior.



Coaches bands are only issued to registered coaches if an approved background check is uploaded and government issued ID is present and matches the name in RegChamp.

Junior coaches under 18 years of age will not require a background check.  Junior coaches must be an event athlete or show photo/school ID.

Only 2 coaches per team are free. All coaches must be listed on the event in

Below are some background check options:

1. USASF Greenlight

2. USA Cheer Card

3. Current background check from place of employment

4. Teachers Current School ID




For Victory programs that have attended our events: 
  • Go to your Home page on RegChamp
  • Look for "Your Registrations this Season"
  • Select the Triangle under "Alerts" for the event you attended
  • Your Bids will appear under Status
  • Select the Bids you wish to accept
  • Decline the Bids you don't want to accept.