Deciding the scoring system that provides the greatest opportunities for your teams to excel is one of the most important things to start your season on the right foot. 

The benefits of making a decision that provides your athletes with a true feeling of success and with the opportunities for victory and advancement to year-end events can be endless.  There are opportunities for success and advancement to year-end events with both The Open and United scoring systems.  The overall success of a routine lies in maximizing your program's individual talents and then combining those individual talents of each team member to create a successful routine.

The decision of what scoresheet is best for your program should be decided with consideration given to several factors in order to determine which scoring best fits the skill level of athletes in your gym and the goals of all involved. 

It's extremely important that you read through both rubrics from United and from The Open.  Look at the level appropriate skills and the elite skills that are required, and in addition, the advanced skills that are exclusive to United’s scoring system.  Look at quantity charts to determine if your team has the number of groups/individuals performing the skill sets required to maximize the score sheets.

Some of the things you might consider while making your decision would be….

  1. The strengths and weaknesses of your program. It's important to look at all your skill sets, considering both your tumbling and your building potential.
  2. The number of athletes on the team that can perform elite building and tumbling skills. 
  3. The technique of the athletes and what level skills are executed with precision and strength.  
  4. Your year-end goals (bids to year-end events). 


United Scoring

  • This scoring system has more emphasis on Difficulty and Quantity.  The more athletes you have that can execute the elite skills in both building and tumbling will be a large factor in determining the success in maximizing your scoresheet.  While execution still plays a large role in your team’s overall success, the quantity of skills and the difficulty your team can perform will be the edge you will need in working towards the big win.
  • The United Scoring System is associated with the Summit, The One Finals, and US Finals, so using this scoring system gives you the opportunity to earn a bid to the year-end event at the Summit in Orlando, FL, and to The One Finals / US Finals that occur in various cities across the country.
  • Teams also have the unique opportunity using The United Scoring System to qualify and attend the year-end Emerald Coast Nationals offered by Victory Athletics.  This one-of-a-kind event showcases all levels of talent and rewards the Level Grand Champions with Grand Champion jackets, banners, rings, and a wonderful array of awards.


Open Championship Series

  • This scoring system places a larger emphasis on Technique than The United Scoring System.  Technique will impact your scores at a higher percentage, accounting for 50% of the building/tumbling sections of the scoresheet. While difficulty still plays a large role in your team's overall success, the execution of the skills performed will be the edge you will need in working towards the big win. 
  • The Open Championship Series is associated with the All-Star Worlds, so using this scoring system gives you the opportunity to earn a bid to the year-end event at the All-Stars Worlds in Orlando Florida.
  • As with The United Scoring System, teams also have the opportunity to qualify for the year-end Emerald Coast Nationals offered by Victory Athletics utilizing The Open Championship Scoresheet.



As this season starts to gear up, keeping score sheets in mind and picking the right system for you and your program can help to set you up for success throughout your season. Remember to read the rubrics for each scoring system carefully and then look at the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes in your program.  This will help you to determine the scoresheet most suitable for the success of your teams.

It's important to EVALUATE your team's tumbling and building skills. Make sure that at least ¾ of your team can execute the elite level skills required in both tumbling and building for the level routine you registered to compete. 

Be mindful of the TECHNIQUE your team has… just because an athlete can perform an elite level skill does not necessarily mean they are executing the skill with perfected technique.  With The Open Scoring System, technique drivers are worth a greater percentage than on The United System.  Because of this, when judging a routine based on The Open scoresheet, the biggest factor is going to be technique/execution. This should encourage coaches who choose to compete using The Open scoresheet to pay attention to the quality of technique on your teams.  If you have a team that has a stronger level of difficulty performance versus execution of those difficult skills, then The Open scoring is going to be more of a challenge for you.  This does not change the fact that both score sheets will require good technique for you to compete and ultimately win, Open will score you on a bigger percentage for technique/execution on the scoresheet than United will.   

DIFFICULTY scores are part of both scoring systems.  The Open Scoring System has kept a more traditional quantity chart that is in line with previous rubrics.  While The United quantity charts have increased the required number of athletes needed to attain a MAXIMUM quantity requirement.  This means that smaller programs may find it more challenging to compete with The United scoring system because of drivers related to skills performed with maximum athletes (at a higher number).  Larger gyms could have more athletes per team to maximize the difficulty ranges. 

YEAR END GOALS are also something to consider as you choose your scoring system for this season.  While both scoring systems have year-end events, these events will be quite different and this may play a factor in how you choose your scoresheets.  An important factor to remember about year-end goals is that you need to WIN to get to the year-end destination you desire.  This means it is important to pick the score sheet that will fit your overall strengths of your team(s) to secure the big WIN.