Victory Athletics Releases New Victory Power Bounder

Victory Athletics Releases New Victory Power Bounder

Here are four reasons to get the new Victory Power Bounder, the latest innovation from Victory owner, Justin Stricklin.

40% More Springs Than the Competitor

With tighter springs placed closer together, the Victory Power Bounder provides a firmer, more predictable surface than other tumble trampoline brands. This increases landing and rebound safety when athletes are learning new skills.

Wider Safety Pads

With wider safety pads covering the springs, athletes have improved protection from all metal structures, as well as providing coaches and instructors with a more stable platform when spotting or assisting skills.

Custom Colors

Want to stand out or match your gym colors? Victory Power Bounders can be color-matched to your choice!

Made in the USA

Supporting American manufacturing, Stricklin builds the Victory Power Bounder right here in Flowood, Mississippi.

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