Process of building a state of the Art Cheer Gym

The efficiency and aesthetic of a facility is a key factor in the overall success of a program. 
We start with a gym diagram. 
We help you, the gym owner, with maximizing your space by illustrating a full model of the gym floor and showing how your vision can come to life. 

Victory Athletics helps gym owners with space planning by illustrating a model of your gym. You'll be able to see not only where your equipment will be located but how you can use your facility to its maximum capabilities. 

You'll have confidence everything will fit in the area designated for that equipment. 

We provide expert guidance on the layout and design.

Too much color may have the gym feeling too busy and crowded while not enough color may have your gym looking lifeless or dull. 

The Victory team will help you design a gym that has a clean design with custom colors that enhance your brand. We'll make recommendations for accent colors, logo placement and wall banner art. 

Our expert team will help you plan different zones based on the activities and equipment in each area.  Design and layout allows consistency throughout the gym while still defining different zones within the facility. For example, separating pre-school and developmental classes from the cheer practice floor is important for the safety and mental focus of the athletes.




Victory Athletics has equipment and color choices from only the top manufacturers. You can be confident in the products because we only have distributor relationships with the vendors we have sourced and tested for quality and consistency.  

Our team prepares the design and then will order all the equipment in the design and send a team to install it in the exact spot from the diagram. You'll have confidence everything will fit in the area designated for that equipment. 

Our install team will unload, unpack and assemble all of your new equipment.

With this install, Airborne Elite Allstars ordered three 9 mat spring floors, two 7 mat spring floors, one 9 mat carpet bonded foam (dead) floor, one small mat floor, 1 trampoline with landing mats on both ends, 1 rod floor strip with landing mat each end.













Victory recommends having at least the following items in your gym:

1     Victory Power Spring 54'X42' 

9     Flexi Carpet Bonded Foam 6'x42'x1-3/8

1     Power Bounder 40"

1     Power Bounder landing mat with Tunnel 7'6"x14'x21"

1     Power Bounder transition block 83"x22"x24"

1     Standard Folding Incline Mat 48"x96"x18"

1     Practice Mat 5' x 10' x 8"

1     Victory Soft Spot 56"x108"'x1-1/2"

3     Standard Folding Panel Mat 4' x 8' x 2"

3     Standard Folding Panel Mat 5' x 10' x 1-3/8"

3     Large Panel Block

1     Octagonal Tumbler 30"x30"x32"

1     Jumbo Octagonal Tumbler 36" x 36" x 36"

1     Jumbo Octagonal Tumbler 40" x 40" x 36"

1     Victory Tumbler 35"

1     Victory Tumbler 4" Riser

1     Standard Folding Incline Mat 48"x96"x18"

1     Standard Folding Jumbo Incline Mat 60" x 144" x 24"

1     Standard Mailbox 20" tall x 33" long x 16" wide

1     Plyo Block Set of 4

1     Plyo Block 24" High

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